Health Gauge

Represents the character's current amount of Health. The amount of damage received from each attack is shown in red. When the Health reaches 0 the character collapses and losts the battle.

Deity Gauge

A gauge used at first to transform into their Deity form. It is filled naturally during a fight, by dealing and receiving attacks. As long as the gague isn't empty the character can transform anytime. Once the character in their Deity form, the meter turns from yellow to blue and each hit taken will decrease the meter until it reaches 0 then the character will come back into their Human form.

Time Counter

Amount of time left until the end of the round. When the time runs out, the fighter with the larger amount of health left will win.

Round Counter

A round ends when either of the character’s is K.O.ed or when the time runs out. The winning character, will have a mark on his counter that corresponds to how the match was won. The number of rounds per match varies depending on the settings of the match.

Deity Statut

When a character is in their Deity Form, the name of this Deity appears. In another case, when the character is still in their Human form and the Deity Gauge is full, the mention "TITAN!!" appears meaning that they can now transform themself into their Titan form without losing Health.

As an immersive 3D fighting game, HEIRS TO THE WRATH allows you to move around easily the virtual space withing the fight. Movement itself is one of the easiest and most basic skill to graps, you fighter can go foward his opponent, backward or even turn around him by side-steeping.
As most of the fighting game, HEIRS TO THE WRATH focus on an attack/defense strategy where the players have to take advantages of his opponent's moves to gain a chance to attack or, inversely, to anticipate a disadvantaging situation and entering in a defensive strategy.


The overall fighting system is based on the Deity Transformation where the player can transform his fighter into their powerful god-like form with an extended attack arsenal. In Deity form, the player can execute a Wrath Move, the strongest attack.

Advanced Fight Mechanics
Combo, Cancel, Astonishment, Stances and more... Take your HEIRS TO THE WRATH skills to the next level with some advanced tips to help you make the jump to the competitive platform.
Up to 4 players to join the tag battle. Pair up and take on a battle for victory, with specific moves and gameplay to play with!
Environment & Design
With constant movement and interaction in the game crafted visuals and, particularly in the stage, you won't stop to discover exciting interaction.
Alternative Versus Mechanics
Tired of the typical 3D fighting gameplay? HEIRS TO THE WRATH let you change the rules, with fresh and alternative mechanics, you have to try!