Environment Mechanics


The game presents various size of stages (or arenas) with constant movements and animations (spectators, background animation, weather, ...)

The duels take place in interactive and highly-destructive arenas. Sometimes, arenas are evolving through a match depending on the remaining time or the fighters' life.

Each stage has its own settings and, sometimes, his own rules and particularities to add new difficulties or opportunities as uneven ground, walls, obstacles (like furniture), participating crowd, optical illusions,... It is more than useful for a player to know the specificity of a stage to take advantage of it.

Some stages have various versions. In most of the case, it is one original version and one more basic version (with no specific gameplay like uneven ground or traps) but others have a completely different version like Distant Forest that has a version during summer and a second during winter.


Fighters are able to interact with the environment of a stage, using parts of the scenery to reposition themselves, get an extra jumps, set up a trap or using available objects as throw weapons.

Some interactive objects appear depending on some action. For example, if you crash into the table in the Apartment 13 stage, you can use the table leg as a throw weapon.

When a fighter get near of a interactive zone, this zone/object will be slightly highlighted, if they want to use the interaction, the player must press the inputs.

In this case, this input, as multi-task, is used in priority for the Environment interaction before the Mockery or the Tag commands.
The Jump wall is a particular interaction, if a player jumps on a wall, he can press he inputs for execute a jump wall.

The wall won't be highlighted like other interactive zones.

The arenas can have Danger Zones (electric fencing, tree, walls...) where the opponent takes remarkable damages if he hits it.

There can also be Death Traps in some stages. Fall into this kind of traps will show a, sometimes, brutal cutscene. If your opponent falls into a Death trap you win.


In some stage, there is a hidden floor, going through an inner-arena to another come with an energetic cutscene.

Normally, when a characters fall out the zone, he lost for begin out of the ring but in the case of a hidden floor, he will land in a new floor with his opponent joining him.

Once you are in a new area of the stage the remaining round will start in this area.

Design - Display

Choose your Fighter: When you are choosing your Fighter, you can see his stats (Power, Speed, Health and Range), his type of fighting (Offensive, Balanced, Defensive, Grappler) and how it changes after his transformation.

Loading screen: When the game is loading, the screen shows gameplay advice to the players.

Choose your Stage: When you are choosing your Stage, the preview of the stage currently selected will appears taking all the background behind the fighter

Design - In-fight
Physical Degradation
The fighters can bleed, get bruises or getting sweaty also their clothes can get dirty or wet during the fights as well as they rip during the Deity form and stay this way the rest of the match. The accessories like jewels, hair elastics or sunglasses can also be broken during the fight.
Lot of dynamisms are put in their clothes, hairs and body to give floating/bouncing/contracting movements.

Each fighter has also various victory poses and defeat poses depending on the remaining rounds, the type of victory/defeat and if the characters are affiliated or not.
In-fight Scenes
  • Hit Animations: "Air effect" with the regular hits and Blood will appears with effective hits with also strong reaction from the hit receiver.
  • Effective hit animation: The camera will zoom in on effective strikes (example: end of a Critical Combo) and go into slow mo in dramatic moments.
  • Fight Intro/Outro: Quick cutscenes before and after a fight between two affiliated fighters.
  • Between Rounds: When the opponent is taken K.O., he will tries to get up himself if it's the last round he will fail and fall unconscious. If not, the defeated gets up and the two fighters slightly distance themselves from each other ready for the next round (there is no switch into a default place like most of the fighting games).