Advanced Fight Mechanics


Each characters have their own comboset, with an average of 70 moves per fighter, which feature :

Short combo
Simplistic and short-timing combos between 1 or 3 commands.
Long combo
More powerful than the short combos, they are complex but long-timing combos mostly between 4 or 5 commands. This combos generally lead to Guard Break Attacks.
Critical combo
A complex, 5 commands, short-timing combo, the last move will let you set a direction to blow your opponent away but it's easy to dodge or block for the opponent (apart from astonishment situation).
Throw combo
When a fighter grabs his opponent during a throw move, some fighters can vary the throw move using a short combo. Some Throw combo, also, necessity particular commands before grapping the opponent.
Side-stepping strike
By pressing, at the same time, a Side-stepping input ( or ) and a offensive ( or or ) input, you can do a one-hit attack while side-stepping. Some fighters have combo using the side-stepping strike in their inputs.

The fights are based on a rock-paper-scissors like interruption system, in which:

Regular Attacks beat Throws
Throws beat Holds
Holds beat Regular Attacks

When you land an attack of one type that beats another type, like landing a kick (regular attack) when an opponent tries to throw, your attack becomes proprietary and hits the, now, defenseless opponent who has his throw interrupted.

When two Regulars Attacks from each opponents meets, the fastest move will succeed forcing the receiver of the hit to cancel his move and recover from the attack. This scenario is called a Counter Hit, in this case, the damage are stronger than usual.

If two Holds or two Throws meet each other, the two moves won't land and will be ineffective.


Another particularity, it's the astonishment strategy, the fighters can use different moves to astonishing their opponent, making them confuse and unable to move or use their Defence Reflex. Less energy they have more the confusion lasts.

If the player uses a Guard Break attack on an astonished opponent, the hit will be highlighted by slow-motion effects, close-up camera angles, and blood-splatter effects. Making the blow impact more dramatic and brutal.

In Deity form, and with a good timing, blocking an attack at the very last moment will result your opponent to be astonished.

If you are astonished, alternate to recover faster.


If a fighter receives too many hits in a row, the timing for a Counterattack is enlarged allowing a combo breaker. If you use the additional timing, the fighter doesn't counterattack but interrupts the combo with a defensive move (which can still be interrupted by a Guard Break move) and forces back the opponent.

For the juggle combo, when in the air your fighter becomes more difficult to hit (smaller hit-boxe) making harder for the opponent to keep your fighter in the air and to maintain his juggle combo.


With good timing, some combos, movements (like a jump or a backdash) and even mockeries can be promptly canceling (stop before the usual end of a movement of series of movement). This technique opens up opportunities for new attacks.

In the process of doing a combo, another combo can be performed, this is called "Super Canceling". This allows a player to string multiple combos together for monumental damage.