Deity Mechanics


The overall fighting system of HEIRS TO THE WRATH is based on the Deity Transformation where the player can transform his fighter into their powerful and more agile god-like form with an extended attack arsenal.

The player can also enter in Titan form, more powerful than in Deity form, where he can perform Wrath Move without automatically comes back in Human mode. In this form, the Deity Gauge is flashing and gradually fade away over time, once it's empty, the fighter back to a Human form.

When in Human form, using causes the character to change into a Mythological God. Players may transform at any time as much as the Deity Gauge isn't empty (thunders will appear around the gauge).

The Deity form brings a lot of advantages, the fighter's stats are increased, he gains access to an extended attack arsenal with the new input Deity attack () adding itself to the already available Punch and Kick attacks.

In Deity form, the player can execute a Wrath Move, his strongest attack, before coming back to his Human form.

When a fighter transforms, if his opponent is too near of him, the opponent will enter in Guard mode protecting himself against the violent wind surrounding the fighter during the transformation process. It's a good way to cancel an opponent's attack.
alternative Deity form
Some fighters have an alternate Deity form and it's the player's actions that will decide whether or not the fighter will play as his standard or alternate Deity counterpart when he uses the Deity transformation.

The alternate form is more difficult to obtain than the standard. For example, the player could have to make a certain percentage of counterattack before using the Deity Transformation.

This form has mostly a similar moveset despite that the strength or the speed can drastically change. They have also an alternate version of their first Wrath Power and a new second Wrath Power. If the player makes the right actions, he can use the alternative Deity form when using the Deity or Titan transformation, except for the alternative forms that can only be obtain in Titan mode.
The fighter can transform himself in his Titan form, physically exactly like the Deity form (with exceptions) but with thunders surrounding him.

In the Titan form, besides the Deity Form advantages, the fighter's recovery is greatly decreased making his move easier to chain and harder to counter. Most imprtantly, he can perform Wrath Move without automatically comes back in Human form.

In this form, the Deity Gauge gradually fades away over time. Once it's empty, the fighter is automatically back to a Human form.

To battle in Titan form, press the Titan button any time. If the Deity Gauge isn't full, the player will lose up to a large percentage of his health, depending on how much was filled in the beast gauge.

With his ability, Alec can access to his alternative Deity form with the Titan transformation, becoming Helios instead of a "Titan version" of Apollo.


Each characters possess a Wrath Move, his strongest attack, which you can use in Beast Mode only, is a type of powerful and violent (sometimes gorish) attack peculiar to the personality of the characters.

If the opponent doesn't collapse after a Wrath Move against him or if you miss the opponent, your character's Deity Gauge will empty and the fighter will come back as a human in an astonishing situation.

Most of the times a Wrath Move starts with a basic first move (Punch, Kick or Grap) with different range depending on the fighter. If this move has failed or has been blocked the Wrath Move is cancelled but the fighter still comes back to his Human form. Some fighters, like Johona are multiple range or, even, unblockable first move.

In Human Form
In Human Form, you can fill up your Deity Gauge by giving or taking hits
At the beginning of each stage, both players have a set amount of energy that is used to activate the Deity form with .
In Deity Form
In Deity form (but also in Alternative Deity form), the "Deity Gauge" will decrease according to damage sustained by the character and does not recharge during the current round.

If empty the fighter comes back as human when he is hit by an effective technique from the opponent.
In this form, the Deity Gauge is flashing and gradually fade away over time (20 seconds if the Deity Gauge was full before the transformation), once it's empty, the fighter is automatically back to a Human form.
The player can use the Charging Faith by maintaining the corresponding input. Doing so, the fighter sacrifices gradually some of his Life in exchange of fill up his Deity Gauge. This ability is not available if the Beast Gauge is complete.

Be careful, you can loose a round by sacrificing all your Life on the Charging Faith.
The Mercy activates when a player is low on health (less than 20%), once activated, the player has his Deity Gauge fulls, giving him a last chance to transform and to return the situation.

With her ability, the Mercy System also contributes for Saeko to access to an alternative Deity form.