A playable mode where you follow the adventures of various characters.

The story mode follows a linear story splits into three chapters through a series of character swaps. In each chapter, the player will fight with different fighter against various opponents determining by the events of the story. There is multiple cutscenes between the fight as well as some CG movie during the most important moments.

Progressing through the story will make you play with various fighter, if you have difficulties, you can always switch to the Free Training Mode to learn about the playable fighter.

The story tells how a group of fighters with divine powers, the Heirs, has to investigate and to fight against the plan of Ancient Gods to create a new world pure and religious.
A classic Arcade mode where the player chooses his fighter and fight a series of matches, each harder than the previous one. This mode has four levels of difficulty:
Eighth matches the last one being against a predefined opponent.
Eighth matches the last one being against a predefined opponent. There is also a bonus match against an unlockable character, if the player didn't have one game over.
Eighth matches the last one being against a predefined opponent. There is also a bonus match against an unlockable character, if the player didn't have one game over.
An endless series of matches where you have to fight against each playable fighters until a predefined opponent, once this predefined opponent defeated, the row of matches starts over. The more matches you win and the less time you used will increased your final score.

Clear the Arcade mode with a fighter unlocks a little cinematic showing an important moment of the fighter's life, a Memory. This cinematic can't be unlock with the Survival difficulty due to the face this difficulty can't be finished. You can see the cinematic endings here.

Each difficulty can be done in Tag team. When the player unlocks a Memory by finishing the Arcade mode with a Tag Team, only the memory of the last fighter on-screen will be shown.
Versus battle in offline modes, the player can play with another local player or with a CPU (which you choose the difficulty level between 1 and 5). You can also use this mode for watch CPU only battles.
VS Battle
Simple versus with one vs one.
Tag Battle
Versus with two teams of two members.
This mode presents a story in an alternate universe where the player participates to the Ascension Tournament to make his name to the Pantheon. The player will have to choose the fighter and go through 25 matches, each with their own rules and events, as well as 10 secret matches unlockable depending on the action of the player. The player can change his fighter whenever he wants.

Each matches won will unlock new Upgrades or give you Offerings for buying this said Upgrades.

The Upgrades bought can be added on one of your fighters for making him stronger.

The more the player go through the Tournament the more difficult the matches are, as the CPU opponents will not only gain in level difficulty but will also have Upgrades on their own. The rules of the matches will also gain in difficulty as the fighter can loose his defensive commands, can have to fight against three opponents in a row or can have his Deity Form deactivated against an opponent in Titan Form.

Later in the game, you can unlock the option to play with your Ascension fighters on other modes like Versus, Arcade or Practice.

Finishing the last match with a fighter will unlock an interactive ending where the fighter is interviewed by Janus and where the player can choose the question asked among three choices.
In this mode the player can learn more about the gameplay of the game and the strategy to become a better player. He has the choice between three sub modes:
Free Training
Practice your fighting skills with various displays: the inputs, the move's damage, the combo damage, the moves range (high/mid/low), the frame counts of a move, the possibility of the move being a tracking move. There is also other useful options: Command recording, multiple CPU mode settings and Instant replay.
Learn, as you complete various tasks, all the terms and regular strategies from the game and, to a certain extent, from the Fighting Game genre. When you failed, the game told you why you failed and what you should do for the next try.
Command Training
Learn and master the combos of a character. You can also see your character automatically makes the combo to have a better understanding of the timing and the movement sequences.
This mode presents to the player multiples galleries with video, picture, music or sounds that he win during the game or that he took or recorded himself.
A collection of cinematic that you unlock progressively through the game. Movies includes: Openings, Cutscenes, Endings, Credit, ...
Hall of Fame
A presentation of each fighters with their story, their complete statistics (Health, Power, Range, Speed, Mobility, Recovery, WEighth, HEighth, High/Mid/Low Power, Throw/Counter Power, Wrath Power, ...), all their lines (as SFX sounds) and an animation presenting the fighter executing a routine from his personal martial art (a kata for example). You can pause the animation, play with the camera and change his/her outfits for a better view of the fighter. To see a fighter presentation, you have to complete the Command Training with him.
A collection of official artworks that you unlock progressively through the game. Artworks includes: Concept Art, Render, Unused artworks, ...
My Albums
An album for your saved replays and screenshots.
  • Time Limit: Choose how much time lasts a round
  • Rounds: Choose how many rounds there are during a versus battle
  • Blood: Choose if some hits show spurting blood or no
  • Game speed: Choose to accelerate or slow down the fighters
  • One Form Only: Choose in what form the fighter will be (Human, Deity or Titan)
  • Walls: Choose the resistance of the wall around some arenas
  • Kids Mode: Choose to distort the fighters to give them funny look
With Display Settings you have the possibility to change the graphic of various displays (Life Gauge, Deity Gauge, Fonts, ...) by switching through different visual themes (Retro, Fire, Neon, Antiquity, ...).
You will even be able to change the Gauges position.
Here are the other settings avalaible in the option menu. There are mostly typical options for any video games:
  • Controller
  • Sound
  • Graphic
  • Savefiles
With the online platform, Heir to the Wrath Online, the player can now fight against online opponents in VS Battle, Tag Battle or Tournament. You can add players in friend list and make your own tournament.

Training with online player is also available but you can also Training by yourself and use the Online mode which allow you to practice while simulating the delay you would expect at various connection strengths.

The players will earn Online Points by defeating opponents close to their rank or above (giving little to no points for beating a lower rank). The more Online Points they gain the better ranks they have. A player can loose points with abusive disconnecting. Each player can also be ranked by Connection Priority (How good their online connection is) and Disconnect Ratio (How much have they disconnected during matches).

Some online events will be also weekly appears rewarding the regular online players with a chance to gain unique prize as Online Points and pre-release DLC contents.
  • User's Profile
  • VS Battle
  • Team Battle
  • Winner-Stay
  • Tournament
  • Training
Heirs to the Wrath encourages the player to follow particular steps to unlock the totality of the game content. With perseverance the player will gain new fighters, stages and even new ways to make the game more fun like excessive blood squirts during combat or ridiculous bouncing breast and buttocks!