All around the world, the video of Zoya transforming herself into Lucifer is broadcasting. Qingyun announces with usage of the transmission, that The Eighth Seal had already corrupted the Primordial Program and it's Lucifer, their leader, who will guide them through their domination over humanity. It's a lie from Qingyun but it seems to work, as all the media relayed the information. The reporters recognize Zoya as one of the most prominent Heirs working with the Primordial Program, but in front of what they call “her true face”, they come to the conclusion that, as Qingyun said, the Heirs were their enemies since the beginning, they are just evil spirits taking human form.

In downtown Tokyo, Amina watches the video transmission. She's terrified that the world is starting to fear the Heirs and as a member of the Primordial Program herself, she is known to the general public. She is starting to have the feeling that people are looking at her. Amina nervously starts to run but she soon notices that she was not the one that everyone was looking at. Darren is in front of her. He is completely lost and begs her for help. Suddenly, the Heir is brutally injured by Johona, who was chasing him apparently. Everybody, except the three Heirs, runs away in screams. (Amina vs Johona)

As she wins, Amina stops herself to execute Johona. The humiliated assassin orders Amina to kill her, she doesn't want any mercy from a heathen. Amina makes a statement about tolerance, her parents accepted her condition and never saw anything else than a human in her. Heirs aren't just a part in this war between the gods, they are humans as well, they are more than the weapons of the gods. They have their own life, their own soul. "Johona, you more than anyone else should understand that we are not defined by others, even our own body won't impose us to be what we really want to be." the scientist concludes.


As Zoya struggles to control her Lucifer form, Qingyun transforms herself into her Kali form and grabs Zoya by her throat: "Don't try to go against him, it will be less painful, give him what he wants and join us. Haven't you suffered enough?" Yamatoni and Soledad try to help but the soldiers who accompanied Qingyun block them.

A blinding ray of light invades the room, wild animals jump on the soldiers and the earth beneath them moves and captures Yamatoni and Soledad, eventually bringing them outside the room. It were the combined powers of Alec, Lou and Saeko who save them. The first thing Yamatoni sees is Caleb, but he recognizes him as Qingyun's adopted son and confronts him without a second thought. (Yamatoni vs Caleb)

Saeko and Alec retain Yamotoni until he understands that Caleb is their ally. Yamatoni then requires everyone to come back and save Zoya, but Lou already had a discussion with Zoya before about this case scenario and she knows how powerful her Lucifer form can be. She concludes: “Without a plan, we have no chance.”

Meanwhile in the other room, Qingyun is too fascinated by Lucifer to take care of the others. As Zoya is still struggling, Qingyun orders the soldiers to bring the angel to her cell and to kill the - now rendered useless - Primordial Program team. Finally, the cardinal takes her phone and asks JiaJun to move forward with Elek-Trode. Everything is going as planned and Qingyun, as she finds herself alone in the room, smiling and savoring her first victory.

A spying crow flies away and lands on Yamatoni's hand, Lou uses her power to communicate with the bird and informs the group about what was going on. Because they have to act quickly, she suggests that they should start by saving all the prisoners in the HQ. After what they did to her, she can’t let the Eighth Seal torture anyone else. Saeko agrees, there are too many tortured innocents here. They can save Zoya afterwards. Caleb informs them that a command room, where they could control all the cells in the HQ, is situated beneath them.

On the other hand, Caleb also knows that if they lose sight of Qingyun and let her tame Zoya, she will become unstoppable. As he knows where Qingyun is going now, he can still surprise her and stop her. Although the chance of finding his mother Sophia is bigger if he joins the rest of the group, Alec decides against it and opts to join Caleb on his mission.

The group argues but finally accepts to split up.


In the meantime in the command room, Elek-trode is held down by five soldiers pointing their guns at her. If she were to ever try to transform herself, they’d shoot. Elek-trode is terrified as she can see what's happening with Zoya on multiple screens in the room. An angry JiaJun then enters in the room, mumbling about how he’s doing Qingyun's job instead of taking care of Darren or doing experiments on Zoya. He explains to Elek-trode that now, everyone on Earth sees the Heirs as demons working for the devil himself. "Who could be more evil than Lucifer, am I right?!". He holds a phone in front of her and asks her if she's still thinking that she will stay a celebrity after her secret is announced.

From the phone, we hear the voice of Elek-trode's father, the french Minister.

"Oui Allô ?" he says.

"Dad?" Elek-trode is starting to cry.

"Romane! what's happening? did you see the news? Are you safe?"

"I am so sorry Dad but..."


"I..." Suddenly, Saeko, Lou, Soledad and Yamatoni kick the doors of the command room, distracting all the soldiers. The captive then smiles and says to her father: "I had to kick some asses".

Elek-trode transforms herself in Sekhmet and uses her impressive power to knock out all the soldiers, jumping around and changing into sand to navigate between the opponents.

She, then, arrives in front of the group and Saeko nervously attacks her (Elek-Trode vs Saeko). As they all settle down and finally understand that they’re all on the same side, the DJ explains that they filmed Zoya's transformation and that they’re broadcasting it all around the world.

Suddenly, a noise comes from under the command table. Saeko notices JiaJun’s presence and grabs him. He's terrified and seemingly injured by Elek-trode. Some bruises from his fight with Darren are still visible as well. Saeko forces him to open all the prison cells and while shaking on his legs, he does as he’s told. As the cell doors are opening, all the prisoners are released and bring even more chaos to the place.

We can vaguely see a strange man with an evil smile watching his cell doors open.

The group, then, leaves the command room for helping the prisoners to get out of the HQ. Except Soledad, as her teammates walk out the door, she notices the strange man on a screen. She recognizes her aggressor in him and takes this opportunity to quit the rest of the group and confront him.

Somewhere else in the HQ, Alec and Caleb come across a highly protected door. Caleb explains that they will find Qingyun behind this door, and claims that almost certainly, Zoya must be with her as well. It's a place where Qingyun goes regularly to practice her occult rituals and she will need them for taming Lucifer. Caleb interlocks the door announcing the final fight.


Ezequiel goes through the corridors of the prison, killing anybody in his way until he suddenly faces Soledad. They both do not move, as Soledad is filled with anger and fear. Ezequiel starts to vaguely remember the girl in front of him. Soledad’s angry look helps him fill in the blanks. Ezequiel now remembers and congrats her to have outlived their last encounter. He decides to not attack her as a sign of respect. Soledad shakes her head. She doesn't want to miss this chance to confront him, to kill him, to let him pay for what he has done and transforms herself into her Deity form. Ezequiel smiles and accepts the duel. (Soledad vs Ezequiel).

Soledad thinks she is winning but Ezequiel defeats her by surprise. He reaches out and takes Soledad by the hair and raises her up. A voice interrupts him. Someone in the shadows speaks to Ezequiel, asking if he thinks that any more of this cruelty will help him forget. Ezequiel looks down and then thrusts out long claws from his fingers, nearly pressing the points of his nails against Soledad's eye. After some time, Ezequiel relents and withdraws his claws, telling the voice that each murder is a short liberation and he simply walks away. Ezequiel makes his way and passes the shadow of Wei who apparently was the one talking to him.


Saeko, Elek-trode, Yamatoni, Lou and JiaJun enter in the deepest level of the Eighth Seal HQ. They come across various prisoners who run away in all directions. Yamatoni tells them how to get out, with the others helping him to guide the crowd, everyone except Lou. Lou sees a mysterious door, bigger than the rest of the doors he’s seen before. This one is more advanced than the rest. It's the only cell that did not open and the technology surrounding the door implied that it could not have been opened from the command room. She asks JiaJun if Sophia is in there, and as he nods Lou starts to transform herself immediately and summons all of her Heir’s power to break the door. She’s too busy to listen to Saeko’s warnings, who remarked her haste.

After summoning a buffalo, Lou is finally able to break the door. However, when they enter the room, it seems completely empty. As she turns around to ask JiaJun where to find Sophia, she doesn't see Zoya waking up in the shadows still in her Lucifer form. To everyone’s surprise, Zoya orders everyone to flee from her, that she can't control herself but as she warms them, she relentlessly starts to attack Lou. Lou is seriously injured in the process and blood is spilled everywhere. If Zoya is still lucid, she seems to have no control over her body anymore.

JiaJun, proud of his lie, takes advantage of the situation to run away and imprisons Saeko in the cell with Lou and the powerful Zoya. Elek-trode and Yamatoni are locked out of the room, screaming their names in terror. Saeko has to fight alone as Lou has fainted, too injured to move (Saeko vs Zoya).

Saeko breathlessly falls down, as she defeated Zoya. The fight was so intense that it broke the walls around them. Finally, the door falls down, letting Elek-trode and Yamatoni in.

Zoya is exhausted, laying on the ground, but she's starting to laugh and progressively regains her power in front of the others. They are particularly afraid of what is coming. Yamatoni then gets up, throw himself on Zoya and tries to maintain her as he confesses a fatherly love for her. "I did not want to abandon you, I did not want to be another loved one who let you down. I have to stay dead, to know more about the Eighth Seal. I am sorry kiddo, you were the daughter I never had, please forgive me. I just want you to finally find peace, after all you’ve gone through." As he speaks, Zoya defends herself like a maniac and scratches his flesh but suddenly, she stops. Her entire body loosens. She looks dead but they can hear her repress her tears. Her wings start to grow and color themselves red, she transforms herself into a third Deity form: Seraphim. Zoya then closes her eyes and slowly returns to her human form. "You are so beautiful." says Yamatoni, completely submerged by emotions.

After a while, Lou wakes up in a puddle of blood but is still alive and directly calls for Sophia before finally admitting to the truth, she is not there and she will never find her, Sophia is dead, Johona was right. Even though she was barely standing straight, she falls back on the ground, crying. Saeko takes her in her arms and promises her that she’ll always be there for her. Elek-trode eventually joins them, binding all of them. Saeko, Lou, Yamatoni and Zoya, all of them experience a comforting moment in times of peril.


Alec and Caleb arrive in the center of a Cathedral. Qingyun is not impressed to see the two enter. She speaks: “Now that the world knows about the real nature of the Heirs, everyone will fear them. Now they can finally be what they’re supposed to be: Gods among humans.”

He asks her where Zoya is and what she's planning to do with her. Qingyun answers that the Lucifer form was supposed to be transferred into Caleb's body but now that he disappointed her, she will take this Deity form for herself. Caleb doesn't understand, she saw him steal various Deity forms for her in the past during her rituals, why does she need them? She doesn't respond.

Alec and Caleb are caught up by Saeko, Yamatoni and Elek-trode. They are visibly all ready to defeat Qingyun once for all. Before the assault, Alec firmly asks: "What happened to Sophia?" He is fed up that he and the young Lou have been played around with and he wants a real answer. The recurring answer is given. Sophia was a member here, she used to do experiments on herself but her vanity to become a real god brought her death as she, one day, went too far on herself. Alec is completely enraged and still accuses her of lying. He can no longer restrain his anger and lashes out at Qingyun (Alec vs Qingyun).

Following a group of prison-breakers, Soledad arrives outside the Eighth Seal HQ but where are the others? She then feels a presence, she first asks herself if it's Ezequiel but this feeling is more powerful. As every former prisoner around her walks around mindlessly, Soledad knows that an immense threat is approaching.

Suddenly, Lou and Zoya appear from the HQ entrance, they had to get out because they were too weak to confront Qingyun, the rest of the group’s members are all together against the cardinal. Zoya reads Soledad’s confusion from her face and asks her what's going on. Soledad does not respond and just stares at the entrance.


Qingyun won't give up despite being just defeated by Alec. Yamatoni tells her that she is better to give up, her plan has failed, Zoya is free. Qingyun laughs. "I don't need her anymore, I had what I wanted." she tells to the group. Qingyun reveals that, even if the Eighth Seal wanted Zoya on their side, she only wanted her to terrify the world and discredit the Primordial Program. Her own plan did not fail. She doesn't need to be part of The Eighth Seal anymore, to be one of their cardinals, she uses them as she wanted and she is not scared because she knows well that she is the strongest of them all.

Out of her mind, she transforms herself in an enhanced and giant new Deity form, Orion, who doesn’t belong to any ancient or modern religions. Yamatoni recognizes this Deity, four years ago, it was this monster who destroyed their base-camp where Sophia resided.

Effortless, Orion defeats the entire group, launching blue fires towards them.

Wei appears and stops the fight, using his Power to retain Qingyun. As a former elite in The Eighth Seal, he reveals that Qingyun is an artificial being. The Eighth Seal gives her a strong body, an artificial copy of Deity, Kali, and finally trained her to be their ultimate weapon. Unfortunately, due to the unnatural process of her creation, Qingyun’s deity form Kali began to split into two forms and the latter evolved into Orion. Orion is unstable and always needs to absorb other Deities, if she doesn't absorb Heirs' powers, she will lose sanity and vitality. This is why she keeps so much prisoners here, she’s feeding on them to survive, like vampires that suck the blood from their victims. “You thought that once you had absorbed Zoya’s immense powers you would be free from Orion’s strong desires, but it will be never the case. This is the retribution to play God, this fake idol will always ask for more”.

Qingyun should have been livid to have her weakness being unveiled but she was more concerned by the first part of the revelation. Even she herself didn't know she wasn't born human and, as confused as she was, she attacks Wei (Wei vs Orion).

Qingyun is defeated. In a psychotic episode, she tears off her gloves and sleeves revealing that her arms are turning blue and her fingers are starting to split up in two. Orion is slowly taking her over. She hits her arms against the floor with such strength that her limbs break and bleed. As she looks at the blood, she whispers: "Not human? What’s the point of life if you are not even a creation from the gods? Who is looking on me?". Suddenly, she uses Orion’s power to make everyone around her levitate and creates blue explosions all around the cathedral. She then disappears behind the deflagration.

As the HQ are burning down and the Heirs fall back on the ground, Alec, Yamatoni, Wei, Elek-Trode, Caleb and Saeko know that they have to run, and fast. Alec doesn't want to leave without having found his mother but Yamatoni confesses, one more time, that Qingyun had told him the truth. A long time before her death, he had suspicions about her and he now knows, with certitude, that she was the one who made their mission fail four years ago.

An enormous fragment suddenly falls between Yamatoni and the other Heirs. Yamatoni tells them that he will find another way up and runs. Wei guides the group, the first floor is inaccessible and too dangerous, they have to go up and quick. Each of them becoming a Deity using their power to help each other in the flight upwards.


The rest of the group, Soledad, Lou and Zoya are outside in the forest, in front of the Eighth Seal HQ entrance which looks like the pit of hell. They are worried. Suddenly the others all jump through the fire. Everyone is safe except Yamatoni who doesn't seem to be with them but Zoya isn't worried. She knows about his abilities of always managing to come back.

Tired by what they all went through, they start to silently walk, with all the prisoners, in the truck that has brought the Primordial Program group here before.

Saeko, in the arms of Alec, looks with pride at her former master Wei and, without a word, thanks him to go against his value and helping them. Saeko then confesses to Alec about her anxiety for the future of the Heirs, now that the world sees them as monsters, it won't be long before they also accuse them of causing The Wilting. Alec remains speechless and can't reassure her.

In the End Credit, we see different TV News talking about the Heirs’ revelation. The animation is in a dark and disturbing tone. The final word: “Following the recent event, all the concerning governements around the world waive their participation in the Primordial Program. The Heirs, until shown proof to the contrary, will, now, be treated as potential threat for mankind.”


At night, under a full moon, Janka comes out of the Eighth Seal HQ sliding on the flames in her Deity form, Od iyesi. She is holding Yamatoni before violently throwing him in the forest. As Yamatoni wakes up surrounded by flowers, Janka tells him jokingly that it's the perfect time for a date.


JiaJun is cutting through Tokyo buildings, à la spiderman, in his Deity form with his expanding arms. When he arrives on a roof, he calls the Eighth Seal and freaks out. Qingyun went mad, compromising everything, and the Tokyo HQ have been destroyed with his labs in it.

Far away on an isolated hill on what seems to be a Greek island, we see a man, with a two-faced Roman mask, on the phone. He reassures JiaJun, it's just a sacrifice for a bigger victory.

He hangs up and speaks to a veiled woman who carefully assembles a shrine under a gigantic and magnificent tree where an eight-pointed star is carved in the bark. He tells her that now the Morning Star is out of their plan, they have to break the last seal sooner than expected.

We see the woman turn around. It’s Sophia, alive, suddenly a lock of blue hair falls from the veil. As wings appears on her back, she's smiling.

End of the story mode.


Fighters Arena Details Difficulty
Amina vs Johona Cherry Street Level 4
Yamatoni vs Caleb Prison Yard (Empty version) Level 4
Elek-Trode vs Saeko Prison Yard (Empty version) Level 4
Soledad vs Ezequiel Prison Yard Both start in their Deity form Level 5
Saeko vs Zoya Prison Yard 2 Rounds Fight
Zoya starts andstays in her Lucifer form
Level 5
Alec vs Qingyun Cathedral of Apocalypse 2 Rounds Fight Level 5
Wei vs Orion Cathedral of Apocalypse (Evil version) You can't win (but still can loose) by Time Out Level 5