Somewhere in Chile, an elderly woman prays in a little chapel. Soledad appears telling her that Yamatoni has found her aggressor, the one who nearly left her dead two years ago. She now has to join the Primordial Program. The other woman, who is revealed to be Soledad's mother, consents, she will keep praying for her protection. Soledad however, doesn't need that, she can only count on herself. Her mother smiles, she always knew that her daughter would do great things, and now, with this gift she can save humanity.

Soledad asks her mother how she knows that it's not He Himself who started the end of this world to what her mother responds that He will always be on the side of his creation, like a mother protecting her child.

Soledad does not believe her and chooses to leave in silence. As she's walking, the shot moves out and we can see the Chilean village where the scene takes place, and we see more and more of the devastation caused by the Wilting.


In the Eighth Seal HQ, Lou speaks with JiaJun, now that her task is completed, she wants to see Sophia. JiaJun laughs and presents to her a skull with strange organic tissues which he claims to be what remains of Sophia. Lou, heartbroken and furious, attacks him but she is blocked by Johona (Johona vs Lou).

JiaJun explains that it was only Sophia's fault, her vanity lead her to her death. JiaJun orders to conduct Lou where she won't be a nuisance. The girl, even while injured, defends herself and defeats the men who tried to take her before Johona finally knocks her out.


In the Tokyo airport, Soledad walks down the stairs of the aircraft to Yamatoni and Zoya who were waiting for her in front of the plane. We learn that Soledad became an Heir during a massacre caused by another Heir. She was given her powers by a dying man but she was also hit and left for dead. Ever since her first transformation, she felt a strange connection with her aggressor and she can even feel his presence. The Primordial Program needs her, because according to Yamatoni's source, Soledad's infamous aggressor has been captured by the Eighth Seal. If they find him, they will find the Eighth Seal HQ.

In the Dojo, Zoya trains the already very skilled Soledad (Soledad vs Zoya). For fun, Yamatoni joins the fight on Soledad's side and Amina, invited by Zoya, joins hers (Zoya, Amina vs Soledad, Yamatoni).

They then receive a visit from a government representative, their plan of operation has been validated and they can operate as soon as necessary.


Janka, in the museum, is joined by Yamatoni. She's his source. Janka adds that Qingyun, who is in charge of the Eighth Seal here in Tokyo, is preparing something independently from the rest of the cardinals, the cult leaders. If she succeeds the consequences will be irreversible. Despite Yamatoni's insistence, Janka doesn't want to say more so Yamatoni suggests a fight. If he wins, she tells everything, Janka accepts (Janka vs Yamatoni).

Yamatoni is defeated but still has a question for Janka, as he sees her six-point star pendant falling from her neck, "A believer?" he says. Janka holds her pendant tight before responding "We are not gods, Yamatoni, these Deities, they are like us, limited to this world, somehow to this reality. I still believe in a greater force beyond all of it, He's maybe not the one who I think He is, but I know He's there, watching us." Yamatoni confesses being surprised to see some humility in a person like her.


At a night club exit, Johona finds Elek-trode, Elek-trode understands right away that Johona is sent by the Eighth Seal, she tries to run away but Johona is faster, the confrontation is inevitable (Johona vs Elek-trode).

Elek-trode wakes up in Qingyun's office with Johona, and guards behind her. Qingyun knows that she's the Minister's daughter. Qingyun goes straight to the point, she is there because they need her father to contribute to the Eighth Seal. Elek-trode refuses the imposed threats, her father won't help them, he doesn't make deal with terrorists.

Qingyun expected that, she then plays a videotape where we can see Elek-trode transform herself. The girl laughs at her, even this video won't help them, the Heirs are seen as heroes working with governments to fight against The Wilting, she will only be annoyed if her secret is out. But that won’t be suffice to blackmail her own father. Not losing her temper, Qingyun says that even though she refuses to do so now, soon enough, she won't be around to have the same conversation again.

Johona gets a call form JiaJun that something bad is happening right now at the confinement section, but nothing more is heard. Johona secretly informs Qingyun who, this time, can't control her irritation against JiaJun's irresponsibilities. She orders the guards to take Elek-trode to her cells, saying to the prisoner that if she can't use her as a hostage, she could still use her as a subject for new experiments. As Elek-trode leaves the room, Qingyun asks Johona to take care of their sudden annoyance.

Johona goes out the office but stops and briefly sees Caleb spying on them.

Qingyun asks why she is hesitant to leave the office. Johona feigns to not have seen Caleb and responds: "The Eighth Seal asked you to get this girl and forced her father to give us the authority to take the sacred grounds in France and you seemed to be succeeding in this task but I can't help myself to think that you have another aim in mind." Qingyun gets angry about how Johona authorizes this kind of discourse with her. Johona adds that she is not her servant, she is there, by the other cardinals' orders, to execute the plan and to see if everything goes as expected, and with this in mind, she has doubts. Quingyun says that she can do whatever she wants on her mission, she is one of the Eighth Seal cardinals, she doesn't have to wait for the confirmation of others. If she chooses to do more than just threaten a brat for the cult, she will. Johona replies that "Loki, Lucifer even Zeus... among the greater gods, there are always traitors." She then leaves and winks at Caleb.


In the dark, we can hear a man scream before the sounds of flesh being torn apart fill the room.

The scream wakes Alec and Saeko. Their awakening is brutal as they don't know where they are and find themselves completely surrounded by dead bodies. Alec acknowledges that the bodies are the men they’ve fought when they were trapped by the Eighth Seal in Yamatoni’s apartment. Judging from the surroundings, they are inside the cathedral-like building, and by the lack of windows, maybe even underground.

As they explore the place, Saeko, finally sees who caused this onslaught. It was Darren. He once again succeeded to escape from JiaJun hands. The monster stops and turns his eyes toward the two prisoners with the severed head of a guard in his hand (Saeko, Alec vs Darren). Alec is ready to continue the fight but Saeko stands between them. She thinks Darren is not their enemy and suggests that they can help him and get out of this place together. Darren stares at them quietly and eventually jumps and disappears from the scene.


In their evasion, Alec and Saeko find Lou under what seems to be ritualistic experiments. At first, despite Saeko's advice, Alec refuses to help this traitor. Lou, crying, explains that she only wanted to help Sophia. Alec understands that his mother, Sophia, helped Lou during her time in the Primordial Program and before being taken by the Eighth Seal. As they have the same goal, to find Sophia, Alec frees her.

A really angry JiaJun then appears. He is too busy about Darren's escape to see the trio. Alec wants to fight him but Lou needs her revenge on him (Lou vs JiaJun).

Suddenly, Darren jumps in the place and attacks the group, JiaJun runs away (Saeko, Alec vs Darren).

Facing Darren's pain and sadness, the group mourns, they feel sorry for him. The suffering Heir fades into the shadows. Alec and Saeko get closer as she searches for comfort from the situation.

Lou explains that they tried to make her believe that Sophia is dead but she doesn't believe it. She learns that they keep other hostages in the deepest levels of this place where they run their most horrific experiment. If Sophia is alive she must be there. In addition, she explains that there is also a dangerous prisoner there and he's nicknamed the Heathen. When Lou was still in JiaJun's hands, he threatened to give her to the Heathen if she didn't calm down.


In a forest, the rest of the Primordial Program, Zoya, Soledad and Yamatoni, locate the secret cathedral constructed under a sacred ground. Johona welcomes them (Zoya vs Johona).

When defeated, Johona flees. the group then combines power to open the ground and to create an entrance to the Eighth Seal HQ.

In her desk, Qingyun gets a call from Johona. The assassin informs her that the Primordial Program are trying to invade the HQ. Qingyun smiles and asks one of her guard to bring her special prisoners.

Hearing an earthquake, Caleb stops his experiment and gets dressed before running into Alec, Saeko and Lou. Alec wants his revenge, since their last encounter on that roof (Alec vs Caleb).

Caleb asks them to stop, he wants to join them. He explains that he did not understand what the Eighth Seal was about, they always hid the truth for him, he thought that they wanted him to save the world, not to annihilate it. Saeko asks him why they have captured Alec and her, but Caleb doesn't even know why they set a trap for the Primordial program group as the principal mission was to blackmail government representatives (like Elek-trode's father).

Another earthquake happens, Caleb wonders what could cause it? Lou answers him: “It's one of the other Primordial Program members. Zoya would never let someone being taken by the Eighth Seal.” Caleb remembers that Zoya was frequently cited by Qingyun, she even asked Johona to spy on her.

In another area of the Eighth Seal HQ, Zoya and the rest of the Primordial Program team arrive but they only find Qingyun who was waiting for them.

We return to Alec and the others. At this point, everything becomes clear to Caleb, Qingyun did not follow the Eighth Seal operations, she's on her own, an operating individual. Caleb says: "Qingyun did not care for you two. She elaborated the trap with Lou because she wanted Zoya... but she did not succeed so she took you three here to…", "Bring Zoya to this place." continues Saeko.

We now return to Zoya. Qingyun smiles and then brings forth a terrified couple and Zoya recognizes them immediately. They are her parents. They seem more afraid of their daughter than Qingyun herself, they start to scream "Devil!" at Zoya and pray to God to save them from Satan. Zoya in tears, implores them to stop, asks them to listen to her. “I can control my powers now!” She insists. As she's saying it, she hears her Deity forms Michael and Lucifer talking to her in her mind. Michael asks her to remain strong but Lucifer laughs and says that it is now his turn to play. Zoya can't bear this voice any longer and falls down.

Alec seems to now understand what Caleb and Saeko are trying to say. Zoya is the most powerful Heir in their team, Qingyun wants her powers.

We go back to Zoya. Qingyun smiles one more time and then slashes the throats of Zoya's parents. Zoya is completely overwhelmed and yells. Her almost inhuman screams fill the room as she spectacularly transforms herself into Lucifer.

As the scene shifts back to Qingyun, a small red light is seen behind her implying that a camera was running. Everything that has happened was recorded.

End of the second chapter.


Fighters Arena Details Difficulty
Johona vs Lou Prison Yard (Empty version) Level 3
Soledad vs Zoya Serene Dojo Level 3
Zoya, Amina vs Soledad, Yamatoni Serene Dojo Tag Battle Level 3
Janka vs Yamatoni Classical Museum Level 4
Johona vs Elek-trode Freeway Chase Level 4
Saeko, Alec vs Darren Cathedral of Apocalypse (Empty version) Tag Battle Level 5
Lou vs JiaJun Prison Yard (Empty version) The fight ends abruptly, before the K.O., with the Darren's entrance Level 4
Saeko, Alec vs Darren Prison Yard (Empty version) Tag Battle Level 5
Zoya vs Johona Distant Forest Level 4
Alec vs Caleb Prison Yard (Empty version) Level 5