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Four years ago.

Yamatoni and Sophia are, accompanied by multiple soldiers, residing in a military camp above a little Japanese village. Some of the soldiers are Heirs and already in their Deity form. Sophia tells Yamatoni to be prudent, their enemy, The Eighth Seal, is waiting for them. Yamatoni says that they have no time to waste, The Eighth Seal wants to destroy the village to take the sacred ground beneath the village and the more sacred grounds The Eighth Seal possess, the closer they are to attaining their goal in purifying the Earth from humanity and giving it back to heinous Ancient Gods.

As members of the Primordial Program who fight against the Eighth Seal, Yamatoni and Sophia know that each battle against their opponent are determinant for the future of the world. Sophia is scared, she feels that they can't win this battle and as Yamatoni advances with his troops, she sadly asks him: "Now that we can believe in the gods, do we have to believe in fate?" to which Yamatoni responds "If our fate is to see our world dying, I wouldn't believe in gods, even if I were one.".

"But you are one." she whispers before, suddenly, we see a gigantic figure shining in the background. Everything in the military base starts to float in the air, including Yamatoni and a terrified Sophia. Some soldiers and objects around them are brutally set in a blue fire. From a wide shot, we see the military base camps ignited.



There are various recorded videos and TV news reports illustrating the situation of the world under, what we call, the Wilting, a slow apocalypse handled by The Eighth Seal. We see obscured natures, devastated farm families and evil spirits attacking people. We also see a conference where multiple world leaders announce the opening of the Primordial Program, an ambitious operation to counter the apocalypse. Accompanying these images, we hear Zoya who is reading Yamatoni's letter, talking about how the world changed and how he wants to take on his role against Ancient gods.

Then, we see Zoya in an acrobatic fighting training.

Alec comes to the dojo of the Primordial Program Headquarter in Tokyo where Zoya resides. She asks him to wait while she gets changed but Alec prefers a fight between them, after such a long journey to come here and he needs a warm-up. (Fight : Alec vs Zoya)

Later, Zoya and Alec drink at a bar. Alec talks about how his mother Sophia, told him one day that his life doesn't belong to him, as an Heir, a human with the power of transforming himself into a mythological god, his destiny is clear: he must serve humanity and, if he ignores it, it's like choosing to destroy it. Zoya nods, she explains that humans find themselves on a battlefield between gods who want to reset the worlds and gods who want to keep it like it is, and they use them, the Heirs, to fight each other like chess pawns. Alec seems bothered to what Zoya responds "I still understand you. Family, it's harsh... My parents were afraid of my power and left me here. After that, and despite all the deceptions, I keep searching for someone to take care of me... So, Alec if we can find your mother I will help you, you have my promise."

She continues saying that if the real enemies are the Ancient gods, they have to annihilate the Eighth Seal first, as they are the one who lead the fight of the gods here amongst the humans. She shows a picture of the Eighth Seal most recent leader, Yamatoni. Alec, confused, knows him through his mother's files, Yamatoni was a close colleague of her when she worked for the Primordial Program. Zoya knows that if Alec joins The Primordial Program, he is to find answers about his missing mother but she wants to make it clear, Alec has to collaborate, their biggest operation will start as soon as they find Yamatoni's emplacement. There's is no time for questioning, Yamatoni is a traitor and knows too much about the Primordial Program since he used to work with them, we can't let him disclose anything.

In their return, Zoya and Alec are interrupted by Johona, an assassin working for the Eighth Seal. Johona transforms herself into her Deity form. (Fight : Zoya vs Johona). Once Johona is defeated, she insults them for going against their true destiny, as chosen by the Ancient gods they have to build a new world. She especially points to Zoya: "I would like to know what Lucifer thinks about your choice?", Zoya can't keep her calm as she's starting to shiver and says "I am Michael's Heir and only his." Johona smiles replying, "How long will you hold him back before the next incident?"

Alec gets closer to Zoya as Johona disappears and, then, remarks another presence. The assassin was not alone, a mysterious guy stands on the roof above them. Alec pursues him but he is quickly taken down by what appears to be a humanoid wolf. The wolf then jumps and disappears in a sudden blizzard.


On her way to home, Amina, a medical researcher for the Primordial Program, finds an Heir, Darren, writhing in pain, he can't control his Deity form. Amina tries to help him but Darren becomes violent. (Fight : Amina vs Darren)

As Darren falls unconscious, Amina calls her colleague to come and help her but a truck stops in front of her. JiaJun comes out of the truck, gets behind the unstable Heirs and ties him up to a stretcher before he takes him aboard. Anima doesn't understand what’s happening, she tries to stop JiaJun but she's too weakened by her previous fight to do anything about it. JiaJun then finds out that she is from the Primordial Program and, as a member of the Eighth Seal himself, he decides to kill her but Darren starts to move again and JiaJun knows that he has to hurry up if he doesn't want more trouble with him.

In the truck, JiaJun tells Darren that he can't stop the experiment. Suddenly, Darren wakes up in rage, invokes thunder and the vehicle falls on the road. (Fight : JiaJun vs Darren)


Elek-trode finishes her night as a DJ. She catches up by Janka, a spy paid for her protection. Elek-trode doesn't want The Eighth Seal or, even, the Primordial Program to discover her existence mainly because of her renown father, a French minister, and counts on Janka's help. The woman adverts her that the Eighth Seal already knows her secret and now she's in the center of their plans.

Elek-trode doesn't understand how they could’ve find her but Janka confesses to be their source. For Janka, the Eighth Seal members are a better investment. Elek-trode feels betrayed. She invested money in someone who she was supposed to trust. Elek-trode could feel the anger boiling up within her. She eventually could no longer contain her rage and she lashes out at Janka. (Fight : Janka vs Elek-trode)


In a forest, Saeko is in search for Wei.

Saeko looks back on her past. Four years ago, she tried to escape her village which was being demolished by the Eighth Seal at that time. She is reminded of all her friends and family dying right in front of her and how Wei saved her. At first she was afraid, Wei was a soldier from the Eighth Seal, but he felt guilty after seeing Saeko and eventually ran away with her. During those four years, Wei - who supported Saeko’s strong desire to stop the Eighth Seal - taught his martial arts skills to Saeko in this excluded forest

Now, Saeko wants to return to civilization, she has been approached by the Primordial Program and wants to help them. Before leaving, she asks Wei to join her and the Primordial Program. Wei refuses, he can't go back to the civilization but he's proud of her former apprentice and want to see her progress. They both agree to a friendly sparring match. (Fight : Saeko vs Wei)

In a dark alley, we see Yamatoni alone. He is talking to a mysterious woman on his phone. He's telling her, that The Primordial Program are about to take action and that they need to be ready. As he's still speaking, we see lots of birds spying him, one of the birds then flies away to land on Lou's finger, Lou is one the Heirs of the Primordial Program. Lou becomes really enthusiastic and turns to Zoya saying: "He is in town! We found Yamatoni!".


We return to the dojo with Alec, Zoya, Lou and now too, Saeko. Due to the power of their Heirs, they are the four most powerful soldiers of the Primordial Project and the center of the next operation. Zoya is proud to see her new team and now that Yamatoni is localized, the operation can finally start. She congratulates Lou to have found Yamatoni, as an Heir of the God of animals she could follow Yamatoni with her servant birds. Zoya also congratulates Saeko and Alec for joining the right side of this war. She asks if the plan is understood by everyone one final time, and as everyone nods, they move to what should be Yamatoni's position.

The location is an unsteady building. Zoya isn't surprised by Yamatoni's choice which makes Alec think that Zoya knows a lot about him. They attack the place but Yamatoni was a step ahead and counterattacks with smoke bomb and traps. (Fight : Zoya, Alec vs Yamatoni)

Alec is defeated but Zoya, even while injured, swears to finish this fight. We then learn that Zoya was Yamatoni's protegee during his time in the Primordial Program. Yamatoni rejects her accusations and calls her a traitor, but she won't listen. Yamatoni chooses the hard way and transforms himself into Odin (Fight: Zoya vs Yamatoni)

Zoya beats him but Yamatoni still tries to convince her he's not one of the leaders of the Eighth Seal. Suddenly, multiple Eighth Seal soldiers surround them and Johona appears fiercely. Lou was a traitor, she revealed their operation to the Eighth Seal. All the Heirs use their power to defeat the others but, weakened by their previous fights, the Primordial Program members can't keep up against their opponents. Johona captures Alec and Saeko. Zoya successes to run away with Yamatoni.

Somewhere, Qingyun carries out rituals on an unconscious man covered in blood. She is in a place that resemble cathedral interiors. As she focuses on her ceremony, she speaks with Janka. The spy says that they may have captured some of them. Yamatoni is still on the run and now that the Primordial Program will regain their trust for him, they will soon discover who the true leaders of The Eighth Seal are.

Suddenly, Caleb enters the chamber and interrupts their conversation. Caleb confesses to have followed Johona, he wants to know who Zoya is and what the Primordial Program is. Above all, the experiments on him start to exhaust him, he wants them to stop. Qingyun loses her temper, Caleb, who she called her son, has to understand that the experiments are crucial for the future of humanity and that he doesn't have a word to say about how she's leading the mission of the Eighth Seal.

End of the first chapter.


Fighters Arena Details Difficulty
Alec vs Zoya Serene Dojo First round : Tutorial
Only in human form
Level 1
Zoya vs Johona Skate Park First round : Tutorial on Deity form
Johona starts in Deity form
Lucifer form unavailable for Zoya
Level 1
Amina vs Darren Cherry Street Darren starts in Deity form Level 1
JaiJun vs Darren Freeway Chase Level 2
Janka vs Elek-trode Cyber Nightclub Level 2
Saeko vs Wei Distant Forest Level 2
Zoya, Alec vs Yamatoni Apartment 13 Tutorial on Taggle Battle
Only in human form
Level 4
Zoya vs Yamatoni Apartment 13 Yamatoni starts in Deity form Level 2