When you finish the Arcade mode with a fighter, you unlock a Memory, close to the traditional Arcade endings. A Memory is a cinematic showing a meaningful scene from the fighter's life in the form of a slide of images. Each fighters have their own cinematic.

Sophia talks to Yamatoni, she is with a very young Alec, 11 years old, she says that she is scared and needs help, she can’t understand her son’s power. Yamatoni reassures her in the Primordial Program they can help any child to control their uniqueness. Yamatoni leans toward Alec. The boy, intimidated, looks at him with a ferocious stare. “I can see a warrior soul in your son’ eyes. I am sure he will make great things” declared Yamatoni .

In the present, a 20 years-old Alec, is surrounded by guards form the Eighth Seal with Saeko at his side, he smiles and then tackles on the enemies ready to fight.
Amina enjoys the sun and the people in her hometown in Cameroon. Suddenly she comes across a young man, she instantly recognizes him: “Darren? what are you doing here? You are cured!”. Darren thanks her, with her knowledge and her dedication, he is now fully human. Darren tends softly his hand toward Amina’s face.

Amina wakes up suddenly in her labs, it was all a dream. She then turns over and look with sadness Darren, still in his deformed body on the medical bed surrounded by the sound of the electrocardiogram.
A young 15 years old Caleb is brought by force to Qingyun. The guards who hold him said that he is a Heirs they found in the street. Qingyun is ready to order them to throw him with the rest of the prisoners, when Caleb transforms himself in his Deity form and kills the guards. Qingyun stops him but, impressed, smiles. “I think I have better project for you, my son.” she says.

In the present, a 18 years-old Caleb stands in front of the entrance of The Eighth Seal HQ, blue flames are coming out of the pit. He whispers to the fires “Sorry mom, I couldn’t follow you”. We then hear Alec calling him, Caleb looks a moment the fire and then turns his back and joins the other.
Darren, as a human, is working on new rituals for the Eighth Seal with JiaJun, arranging stones and herbs around a totem. The ritual seems to bring a lot of powerful energy, Darren is happy that their discovery will certainly save people's lives. JiaJun loses patience, "I can't with you dude!" he screams. JiaJun then explains that he is sick to play the game to make him believe that they are a good organisation with "rainbows and puppies" adding that "We use dark magic for god's sake, what do you think we are?". Darren confused says that they promises him that his occult knowledge will serve other people. JiaJun laughs and then smashes Darren's head on the totem.

When he wakes up, naked and tied up on a shrine, Darren sees JiaJun dancing around him and play with pagan objects. Darren knows what it is for and begs JiaJun to stop. JiaJun don't listen and invokes the ritual with joy. A spirit made of thunder appears from the surrounding objects and attacks Darren who screams in pains. JiaJun, watching the scene, puts cool sunglasses on to protect his eyes.

Later, JiaJun excuses himself, the ritual did not work as planned and then he laughs maniacally. We see Darren, eyes wide open, in a new deformed body. He looks directly at the camera with no movement and a lost expression until he moves his mouth to difficulty say: "H..hel.. lp".
It is a girl band music video with Elek-trode in front runner accompanied by Saeko, Zoya, Amina, Soledad and Janka. Inspired by the Kpop, they are all dancing and singing, sometimes sensually, surrounded by a colorful place.

Back to the reality, Elek-Trode is, in fact, explaining her idea of a new girl group to the other Primordial Program’s girls. Once Elek-trode finish to tell her idea and after an awkward silence, Zoya rolls her eyes and leaves the room followed by the other girls. Only Soledad stays, Elek-Trode is confused as she seemed to be the less interested in it. Soledad, then, says with a monotone voice, “What? I like dancing.”.
Ezequiel is surrounded by dead bodies some of them are in their Deity form but return slowly in their Human form. Ezequiel is covered with blood and look at his victims without emotion. “I won’t stop until the sources of our perishing world will all died and then It will be my turn. What a merciless farce that the gods put on us.”

Wei appears with other members of the Eighth Seal, he tells him that he is become a threat for their plan and it now has to pay for his blaspheme. Ezequiel softly smiles and then tackles on Wei, Wei put himself ready to fight.
At night, under a full moon, Janka comes out of the burning Eighth Seal HQ sliding on the flames in her Deity form, Od iyesi. She is holding Yamatoni before violently throwing him in the forest. As Yamatoni wakes up surrounded by flowers, Janka tells him jokingly that it's the perfect time for a date.
JiaJun is dancing like in a ballet with ritual knives around three people attached to hostels. His victims beg him to not hurt them but their supplication feels like music to JiaJun’s ears. Johona looks at him dancing and reminds him that Qingyun needs their blood quickly and that he must stop his childishness.

Then JiaJun gives three glass of blood served as fancy cocktails. There is an eye in one of the glass and an ear presented like a slice of lemon on another glass. Johona unimpressed takes the glasses and leaves. “They always forget the tip” laments JiaJun.
Johona takes a hot shower at her luxurious home, showing her male body. As she washes out the blood on her body, she rethinks about the word of Amina "Johona, you more than anyone else should understand that we are not defined by others, even our own body won't impose us to be what we really want to be."

Out of the shower she starts to put makeup on. She, then, looks at the mirror and smashes it with her fist. Blood is dripping for her hand. When the plan moves to her she is in her Deity form, Ahsonnutli, whispering “Not even my own body”.
The chirping of morning birds echo into her colorful room. Lou's sitting behind her desk. She's still in her pajamas and she's drawing. She talks to herself, while her pencils swiftly wander over the paper like the rivers of her ancestral home.

“Sometimes I'm still sad to be far away from my family, I miss Papp. I know it's for the better if I stay here to learn more about my abilities, but still...”. Lou seems to be very talented in drawing and has a knack for art. Her room is filled with them. Sticked to the wall are all kinds of drawings.

“Being a goddess is really amazing! I am so grateful that Cernunnos has chosen me. I love to talk with the animals, even if the cats are kind of mean to me...” She stops for a minute to look outside, "I was sad most of the time, but you came to me. You crouched down and reached out a hand. I was the littlest thing at the time... And oftentimes I still feel like that little thing."

She puts down her drawing of herself and Sophia and after a short pause she smiles. “Thank you Sophia! I can't thank you enough. You'll always be my most cherished friend and I hope that someday we will walk through the woods together one more time.”
A marble statue in the shape of Qingyun is seen in the center of a Eighth Seal lab. Janus is looking at it saying how perfect she is. JiaJun appears and asks if they can start the ritual, he is really excited about it.

Without answer, Janus steps back and JiaJun starts the ritual. The marble progressively becomes skin and hair. Qingyun is born. JiaJun, then, announces the final touch and frees a Kali spirit on Qingyun still unconscious. Qingyun wakes up, takes a deep breath and starts to glow. We briefly see Orion and then, everything explodes in blue fire.

In the wreckage, Janus wakes up, he was protected by JiaJun’s stone body (when he’s in his Deity form). Janus stands up and looks at Qingyun angrily confused in the center of the debris. She is in her Kali form. Janus asks her with concern, “How strong are you?” to what Qingyun answers with confidence “All-mighty”.
In a forest, Saeko is relaxing near of a river. Suddenly, a butterfly lands on her breast and, surprised, Saeko, gets up. She turns herself toward the beautiful sky and sees the swarm of butterflies. She then looks sad.

Four years ago, she played with a butterfly in her hometown when blues explosions started everywhere around her. She saw, soldier fighting themselves and her own home in fire, her parents was inside.

As she falls on the ground, Wei comes to her, he has a military uniform. She’s got scared and transformed herself into her Deity form, Izanami, but Wei catches her and flee the town with her transforming himself into his Deity form the Jade Emperor.

Once he put her on the ground, Saeko tried to fight him but he did not move, taken all Saeko’s hits with sadness. She, then, understood that he was saving her. Saeko started to cry and hugged him.

Other flashback, Saeko and Wei was training together in the forest.

Back to the present. Saeko takes off a letter from her pocket. It’s a letter from Zoya invited her to join the Primordial Program and to fight against the ones who attacked her hometown. Another butterfly lands on the letter and Saeko with determinate eyes, looks right in front of her, ready to fight.
“I was free” we hear the voice of Soledad as we see her walking among a crow. “Until him” the crow panics, screams. “Until that”, suddenly a man presses himself against her, both of them seem confused, but, as the angle moves back, we see that Soledad and the man are both pierced by the claws of Ezequiel in his Deity form, Mau.

“You darken my days, pierced my soul”. As Ezequiel removes his claws, Soledad falls with the other man, there are blood all over them. Ezequiel admires them, Soledad watches him right in his eyes with suffering and angriness, Ezequiel smiles and leaves.

“But I came back”. We see the injured man transforms himself in a Deity form, Xōchipilli, but he is too weak to keep it up and comes back to his human form before dying. His blood starts to shine and to intermingle with her blood.

“I came back for one and only one reason” Soledad wakes up in a hospital, she looks at her skin who seems to navigate between her normal skin tone, and a more pinkish tone (the skin color of her Deity form, Xōchipilli).

“To spit on your grave” Soledad transforms herself in Xōchipilli and invoking a violent wind of flowers destroying all of her hospital room.
In the past, We see Wei in his Eighth Seal uniform, commanding his troops in front of a proud Qingyun. Qingyun goes to meet him, once he is alone, and tells him that they are going to conquer a third sacred ground. Wei looks the files and he is confused to discover that a town is on the sacred ground. “But we’ll kick people out of their house.” he said. Qingyun explains that they need this place if they want to change the world and sometimes they have to make difficult choice. Wei pretends to accept the fact.

Later, the Eighth Seal army attack the town but also the Primordial Program army who tries to defend the place. Wei leads his soldiers but them comes across a teenager girl, Saeko. He looks at her and seems for the first time to remark the horror he leaded.

In the present, Wei is seen in a forest meditating with Saeko. He is now in peace as an hermit.
We see a devastated Japanese town, there is body of inhabitants but also soldiers from the Primordial Program. There is still blue fire and smoke everywhere as the shot moves into the ruins.

We hear a feminine voice: “To the Primordial Program, If you read this message I will be no longer part of this world. He came to my attention that someone wasn’t who he was supposed to be. Numerous gods are with us but we are just human, and humans have too much love for powers. As we prepared to defend the town of Tawarano against The Eight Seal, I see doubtful things which bring me to think that this mission will be a failure because someone on our side will do everything he can do to assure this. This person it’s Yamatoni.”

We see Yamatoni, in his deity form, Odin, go out of the ruins. He looks with a deep sadness the devastation surrounding him as he regains slowly his human form. As he sees, Eighth Seal soldiers, he hides and runs.

The feminine voice takes over. “Please, stop him. Zoya you are the only one able to do that. Signed...”

Yamatoni still running, finally takes a break cleaning up his face from the dirt. He then whispers with a sad voice. “...Sophia”.
Zoya is praying in an empty church, she hears the voice of Lucifer and starts to transform into him but she begs him, she wants to be Gabriel not Lucifer. Her father enters, gets close to her and points a gun at her telling her that he could never have created a monster like that, she is not her daughter, she is the devil. Zoya, now in full Lucifer form, intimidates him until he is so scared he falls crying. Zoya afraid of herself, runs away.

Months later, Zoya finds Yamatoni, she heard about the Primordial Program and, as a Heir, wants to join them and control her power. Yamatoni asks her to transform herself, but she refuses too scared to become Lucifer and not Gabriel. Yamatoni then transforms himself into Odin and asks all the Heirs in the room with them to also transform themselves. Once done, Yamatoni says to Zoya that they are not afraid and she should not be either.

Zoya becomes, for really brief time; Seraphim and them turns into Gabriel. She is all smiling.
"I am the weapon" we can hear Houssem's voice. In Morocco, Houssem looks at his watch, it seems to indicate something dangerous near of him. He starts to walk faster, and active his robotic armor entering in his Media Form.

"I was trained and elevated to fight against the Heirs, to rival the gods" The display on the watch shows that a Heir is close. Houssem uses his tentacles to escalate some buildings, the population around is breathless by the spectacle.

Houssem finds the Heirs, Leïla, she is sitting pensive on the corner of a fountain. She looks at him surprised. "I know who you are... Media the soldier.", Houssem freezes one instant and then responds to her "and I know what you are..." but instead of saying a Hier, he says "the most magnificent woman that I've never had the chance to take a look at."

Leila smiles.
During a Sunset, from her luxurious balcony, Leïla looks with sadness a letter from the Primordial Program. Houssem comes to see her and when he sees the paper, he takes it away from her saying that they have to stop to insist, her place is not on the battlefield. Leïla doubts, the Heirs are born to fight against the Wilting, it's her responsibility to do it. Houssem looks at her with tender and says "If it's what you want, we will fight together but I refuse that you feel pressured to do it." She then smiles and thanks him to always be there for her. As they both embrace each other, the letter flies away.