She can be stubborn at times and she always wants to dive into danger while ignoring the warnings of others. Her attitude is generally straightforward and she doesn't let anyone talk her down. Underneath the tough exterior there is a soft feminine side, though she doesn't always like to show that part of herself.

She has an unstable power as being the reincarnation of two opposite entities. Becoming uncontrollable, her family gave her to the Primordial Program. With her young age, she saw a new paternal figure into her chief, Yamatoni. One day, he and other Heirs never returns from a failed mission. Being rejected from this mission by Yamatoni, she became the sole Heir in the Primordial Project with Amina and JiaJun.

Since then, Zoya became in charge of training and leading the new Heirs into the fight against the Wilting thanks to the demanding training she received from her past mentor. She later learned that he had survived but also contributed to the fail of the mission, he was a betrayer. Since then she swears to destroy him.

Michael Archangel - Abrahamic religions

In her Deity form, Michael, Zoya invokes the power of light. She gains wings and a sword which helping her a lot with her mobility (Speed) giving her the ability to double jump and to do impressive back dashing.

Lucifer Fallen Angel - Abrahamic religions

The same thing happens with her second form, Lucifer, despite that Zoya gains in Power, making her a more offensive fighter. She uses more intimidating moves as she invokes, this time, the power of evil.
► Zoya transforms herself in Lucifer if she did enough counter attack before using the Deity transformation.

With her wings, Zoya can execute double jump and double back dashing.

Fighting Style

Zoya is a balanced fighter with no advantage in particular but weak Speed. As a Systema practitioner, she uses mostly punch and elbow strikes but also a large variety of pressuring grappling.

Wrath Moves

Zoya throws herself on the opponent and sticks him to the ground before grabs his head and sucks is life in multiples light effects.

RAPTURE only as Michael

Zoya transforms herself into a fiery six-winged beings, the Seraphim, with two wings they cover her face, with another two they cover her feet. She, then, gains maximum stats. This form lasts until she miss a hit or a combo.

MORNING STAR only as Lucifer

The room is obscured, you can see black goats hiding in the corners, Lucifer advances towards his opponent saying strange words with an intimidating but joyful look. The opponent starts to float and then smashes repeatedly the ground.