Though he appears menacing, Yamatoni is a kind man with great patience. He is a man whose words can bring joy and understanding to others, and he sets out to inspire others with confidence. He has strong determination and likes to be on the front lines when it comes to dealing with problems.

Before being the Director of the Primordial Program, Yamatoni was a courageous soldier, even a legend on the battlefields. During a mission, Yamatoni found a dying young man, he tried to help him until the man finally passed away but not without giving his power, since then Yamatoni became an Heir. With his new power, the Japanese government named him Director for their secret operation against the Ancient gods. One day, Yamatoni discovered the Eighth Seal, a cult working in favor of the Wilting, he launched a mission against them using the best soldiers of the Primordial Program, despite his military experience, the mission failed and he was the sole survivor of his battalion. Since, rumors are that he is now on the Eighth Seal side... For Zoya, his former protegee, Yamatoni is the man to shot down.

Odin God of knowledge - Nordic Mythology

Becoming Odin with his Deity transformation Yamatoni gains Speed and Powers he also gains new weapons to use like a spear and even two crows.

Yamatoni can perform long and unique throw combos.

Fighting Style
Marine Corps Martial Arts Program

Yamatoni starts as a balanced fighter. As a practitioner of the MCMAP, he has large variety of chokes, holds, and throws making him a good fighter in close quarter combat.

Wrath Moves

Yamatoni breathes into a gjallarhorn, suddenly an Eighth-legged horse appears and Yamatoni rides it, it is also accompanied by two ravens and two wolves. It then tramples the opponent.


Two ravens bring to Yamatoni a gigantic spear with thunder around it. He, then, elevates the weapon and throws it towards his opponents.