Due to her trauma, she assisted to a massacre and was left for dead, Soledad possesses a detached, cynical outlook on life. As a result, she turned into a determined, secretive and, sometimes, rude woman. It doesn't show much but, deep down, she is still a young woman passionate by all kind of arts.

Soledad wasn't born Heirs, when Ezequiel started his rampage in South America, Soledad, was one of her victim despite being human. Left for dead by the murderer, she was rescued in time but not without aftereffect. Soledad starts to become a Heirs, gained the power of a man that Ezequiel killed before attacking her, but the worst effect that she gains a emotional link with her aggressor and can feel his presence. She choose to use this effect for taking revenge but before comes to him she has to train herself. When she was ready, Ezequiel was abducted far away from her.

Xōchipilli God of Art - Aztec

When Soledad becomes her Deity form, Xōchipilli, she uses the power of the flowers.

Soledad has a faster Deity gauge regeneration. She is the only character to have her ability activated during her Human form.

Fighting Style
Snake Kung Fu

Despite her low Power stats, Soledad has good Health, Speed and Range with her Speed and Range become stronger as she transforms herself. Using the Snake Kung Fu, Soledad fights striking her opponents mostly with her hands from angles they wouldn't expect with sinuous and fluid motion.

Wrath Moves

Soledad continuously hit her opponent, each hit make appears flowers. At her last move, Soledad invokes a gust of flowers which elevates the opponent before dropping him on the ground.


Soledad dances graciously and charms the opponent who starts to dance with her. The dance becomes more and more vigorous and the opponent panics before breaking his body.