Saeko is a young woman with a joyful but introverted personality, once she used to someone she becomes less reserved and brings an always positive attitude. She is an overthinking woman which it's why she easily worried.

She is part of the Primordial Program. Despite her worried and submissive nature, she wants to help the world against the Wilting. Four years ago, Saeko's village was, under the attack of an Ancient God, she was saved by Wei but at the price to be the sole survivor. Horrified but determined to never let something like that happens again she asked Wei to teach her his martial arts, Wei accepted and brought her in a forest where he lived as a hermit.

When she felt ready, she decided to quit her isolation with Wei and to come back to Tokyo where she could join the Primordial Program.

Izanami Goddess of the creation - Shinto

In her Deity form, Izanami (creation), Saeko can do some moves armed with a broken naginata, she becomes faster and has more Health and even stronger Speed.

Izanami Goddess of the death - Shinto

In her Alternative from, Izanami (death), which is a much darker and violent version of her standard Deity form as she invokes the power of the dead. Saeko changes her posture to be more creature-like, she doesn't have a spear, this time, but long nails looking like stakes which increases her Power.
â–ºSaeko transforms herself in Izanami (Death) when she uses the Deity transformation after fulling her Deity gauge with the Mercy system.

Saeko sees her Health slowly fills up in her Deity form, which can help if the player chooses some retreats to help her to regain her life.

Fighting Style
American Kenpo

Saeko has good Power and Speed making her an good offensive fighter. As a Kenpo practitioner, she uses quick strikes from all her body (kick, punch, elbow, knee) with rapid stance transitions.

Wrath Moves

Saeko attacks her opponent with multiple punches, each punch is accompanied by a marble pillar appearing from out of the scene and smashing the opponent.

HEAVENLY JEWELLED SPEAR only as Izanami (creation)

Saeko's broken naginata is repairing by itself, Saeko rises her weapons and dances with it. The ground surrounding the fight starts to deform itself and to attack the opponent.

SHADOWLY LAND OF THE DEATH only as Izanami (death)

The fight is plunged into the dark, we can still see the silhouettes. Saeko screams and attack violently the opponent, there is sometimes burst of light when we could see Saeko savagely hits her opponent with a horrific expression.