Qingyun is the game main antagonist. She is a cold and vain woman who sees herself as the ultimate Heir. She's convinced by the Heir superiority and by the submission of the humans.

Qingyun is presented as a Chinese woman, "presented" because she was, in fact, created by JiaJun under the order of the Eighth Seal. Qingyun doesn't know her true nature as JiaJun gave her false memory. She is still in deny, despite that she's always wearing glove on her hands and hiding her forearms because her skin is turning into blue and her upper limbs are splitting themselves in two. As an artificial Heirs like Darren, her Deity form is hardly stable.

She maybe works for the Eighth Seal, as one of their most influential member, but she has her own agenda, Qingyun secretly draws a plan to put the humans under the supremacy of the Heirs.

Kali Goddess of Time and Power - Hinduism

Despite having strong state in her Human form, she gains less stat after she transforms herself. In her Deity form, Kali, Quingyun gains another pairs of arms and four scimitars.

In her Deity form, Qingyun gains multiples range (low, mid and high in the same time) attack.

Fighting Style
Muay Thai

Quingyun has a powerful human form compared to other fighter giving her advantage from the start of the match. As a practitioner of Muay Thai, she privileges the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins with an emphasis on rotating hip movements with almost every hits.

Wrath Moves

Quingyun dances around her opponent slashing him multiple times with her swords.


Quingyun catches her opponents with a serpent and then smashes him to ground. As her opponent lays on his back, Quingyun steps on his torso and then repeatedly kicks it.