• Nationality: Greek
  • Age: 42 years-old

Sophia is Alec's departed mother. She was a scientific student when she gives birth to her unique son. When Alec begins to show his Heir's power, Sophia and her lover started to feel threatened and been overtaken by the situation. She, then, searched for help and came across The Primordial Program. She first entered in the program for her son but, soon, she became employed in the Research Division and, later, even became the Director of this division.

During her time in The Program, she finds herself attached to Lou, a very young Heirs who saw her as a mother figure.

One day, Yamatoni organized an operation against The Eighth Seal, she convinced them to accompanied the troop as a supervisor on the execution. The operation was a lethal failure as lot of the soldiers died in the confrontation against The Eighth Seal, only Yamatoni seemed to survive.

Since then, we have no clue of Sophia but there is a lot of reasons to believe that she was abducted by the enemies. This is why, five years later, her son Alec joined the Primordial Program with the aim of finding her or at least know what happens to her.

  • Nationality: Unknown (supposedly Chinese)
  • Age: Unknown (supposedly 32 years-old)

All the experiment successes of JiaJun come to one point: making Qingyun the most powerful being on Earth by giving her an artificial Deity.

Due to her luminescent Deity form, Qingyun calls herself Orion. In this superior Deity form, Qingyun has access to a larger and more dangerous moveset who makes her the ultimate fighter and a real challenge for the opponent. Her new Deity form is 3 meters-tall making her the tallest fighter in the game.

As an more powerful version of Orion, Uber Orion is a secret final boss through different mode of the game and she means to be a real challenge even for skilled players. Her damages and Health are nearly doubled.

  • Nationality: Unknown (supposedly Italian)
  • Age: Unknown

As he is permanently in his Deity form, Janus the Roman god of Time, few it's known about his human life.

Janus is one of the four cardinals, the leaders, of The Eighth Seal with Qingyun. His great power lets him anticipated the future and know the past making him a great strategist and manipulator.

Despite being an Heirs, Janus doesn't have fighting skills but, as a planner, he is at his best behind the battlefield or in the shadows of more powerful character.

In the Ascension Mode, taking place in an alternative universe, Janus plays a completely different character as a TV reporter who interviews the champion at the end of the game.