Lou was living a carefree life before her parents rejected her when they discovered her power. At a young age, she was taken by the Primordial Program where she met Sophia who becomes a second mother for her, and the only person that she could trust after the betray of her own parents.

As her powers give her the ability to control the animals and read their minds, she quickly becomes one of the most useful Heirs for the Primordial Program when they need secret information.

Her naivety and childish nature makes her easy to manipulate and it's why the Eighth Seal secretly approaches her and are slowly guiding her to their plan.

Cernunnos God of animals - Celtic polytheism

She really gains her strengths in her Deity form, Cernunnos, where all her stats increases. As Cernunnos, Lou summons multiples animals into the fight, she can use rabbits as projectiles, birds as shield and can even be helped by much bigger animals like deer, wolves and even bears.

Lou can launch animal projectiles from behind the opponent's back even if he is in front of her.

Fighting Style

Lou is relatively weak in her Human form comparatively to other fighters particularly as her hits gives little damage. Her unique fighting style is intended to be random, childish and overexcited. She plays by different rules than everyone else and has access to very unique options, both offensively and defensively making her somewhat hard to play without a conceptual understanding and intelligent plays.

Wrath Moves

Lou seats cross-legged and a gigantic purse filled with coin appears. She, then, launches the coin into the opponent. The effect of this Wrath move are random, it can do few damages or being particularly devastating, also there's a chance that Lou regains Health or doesn't even come back to her Human form once the Wrath move finished.


Lou takes off a torcs from one of her horns and launches it to the opponent. Through its path, the torcs will increases its size until being able to ties up the opponent. Lou will come back to her Human form but will be able to attack the fighter during a certain amount of time with him being able to protect himself (he can only move around)