JiaJun is a member of The Eighthh Seal who stole the power of a Filipino Heir. He is a highly unstable individual, he frequently breaks the fourth wall and displays multiple potential mental disorders, including, but not limited to: attention deficit hyperactive disorder, manic depressive disorder.

Despite not being taken seriously by the rest of the Eighth Seal council, JiaJun has a unlimited knowledge about the occult arts and the science. His dream it's to have an army of Heirs and test them to their limit. He sees the Heirs as irregularities who needs to be dissected, despite being, now, one of them.

Anito Ancestor spirit - precolonial Philippines

In his Deity form, an Anito, JiaJun transforms himself into a statue-like creature made of stone, his limbs become extensible providing him incredible range making his most punishing weakness into his biggest advantage.

With his ability, JiaJun can cancel any of his ongoing combo to detract his opponent's anticipation and to chain with another combo.

Fighting Style
Nan Pai Tanglang

JiaJun takes advantage with his Health and Speed which compensating his low Power and Range. As a Nan Pai Tanglang practitioner, his moves place a heavy emphasis on close-range fighting with mostly hand and arm strikes and grappling but with a limited use of low kicks. Due to his messy personality, JiaJun can have the most random and ridiculous moves to distract his opponent.

Wrath Moves

JiaJun practices a ritual invoking multiple Anito, suddenly a carabao appears and JiaJun slashes its throat throwing a gush of blood on his opponent.


JaiJun severs its upper torso and sprouts huge bat-like wings to fly into the opponent and drinks his blood. As he makes damage to his opponent, JiaJun gains health.