Janka is an always confident and vicious woman, she is one of the best freelance secret ops spy in the world. Lot of characters will learn that they can't trust her. Her first motivation will always be the money and she will be exclusive to anyone or any organization placing her in a true neutral position.

Janka started her career as a courtesan but when she starting to get along with powerful men, she gained numerous high value information about the politic and business spheres that she could sell. Being agile and stealthy due to her Heir power, she soon became a spy and began to accumulate a global reputation.

In the fight between the Primordial Program and the Eighth Seal, Janka seems to have a lot of useful information for only who can offer her services.

Su iyesi Spirit of water - Tengrism

As Su iyesi, Janka invokes the power of water and gains a nearly intangible body, where she can practice move normally impossible for normal human.

Od iyesi Spirit of fire - Tengrism

Janka gains the same faculties as Od iyesi but, this time, imvokes the power of fire.
► Janka can transforms herself in Od iyesi after she gets hit by a combo over 10 hits.

Janka has efficient reflex defence, side-steps and evasive moves which help her with a good mobility. To take advantage of it, she can extend rapidly her body to dodge hit.

Fighting Style
Krav Maga

Janka has a good Speed and Range, as a practitioner of Krav Maga, she has, in her moveset, various focus on strikes, take-downs and ground works.

Wrath Moves

A white goose flies over Janka and lands on her back giving her wings, Janka grabs the opponent fly with him and when she's high enough caresses her opponent's face and throws him to ground.

WATER SPIRIT only as Su iyesi

Janka moves seductively forwards her opponent. As she moves, water submerges the arena. Janka gently lies her opponent on the floor before, brutally, turns him over and makes him drowning in the water.

BLAZING SOUL only as Od iyesi

Janka disappears in flame, the opponents searches for her. She then appears behind him, he turns to her and he's hypnotized by her. Janka takes his hand and stares his opponent right in his eyes. His opponent begins to scream out his pain as he's being burnt by Janka.