Ezequiel appears to be a vicious and calculating psychopath. He does not feel any empathy or regrets making him a very detached man.

Ezequiel, despite being a Heir, got a merciless hatred for his kind, in fact, Ezequiel is a cold assassin with the aim of eliminates all the Heirs, and then kills himself, to stop the Wilting. He is persuaded that they are the source of our perishing world.

After killing his own family, he attacked other Heirs through his way until being captured by The Eighth Seal and locked up, due to his dangerous and powerful nature, in a top-security cell. Since his imprisonment, he's quietly waiting for his moment.

Tau Evil God - Guaraní mythology

When he transforms into his Deity form, Tau, Ezequiel sees his Health stats decrease but his longs claws give him a better range in his attacks.

His ability takes advantage of his clinch moves (counter attack, hold) as he can absorb the Deity gauge of his opponent during a grappling technique, he can even make his opponent comes back to his Human Form if he succeeds to empty his Deity Gauge.

Fighting Style
Pradal Serey

Ezequiel has good Power stats from the start, as a practitioner of Pradal Serey, he has kicking techniques using mostly hip rotation and has a variety of clinch fighting techniques.

Wrath Moves

Ezequiel attacks his opponent before grabbing him and launch him to a dog-like human, Luison, with pale and sickly looking skin and eyes. The dog, then, attacks the opponents biting him brutally.


Almudj, the Rainbow Serpent, flies over the fight and trigger heavy rains. An enormous serpent with two colorful antennas over his head, Moñái, catches the opponent with his fangs, before shaking his head and spitting out the opponent on the ground.