Elek-trode is a DJ but, before that she is a dreamer, she wants to be known for her music and her shows. She has an extroverted personality and don't take anything seriously. Being the daughter of a French minister has been forcing her to keep low profile in her career causing her to never reveal her identity or even her face during a show.

When Elek-trode, real name Romane choose to become a DJ, she run away from her well-off life to Tokyo but, that's not the only reason why she moved on, she also wanted to avoid the press because of her fear to be revealed as a supernatural being. She's just starting to have a name in the night community in Japan, what's despite being her dream make her nervous, that's why she's buying the service of Janka, who keeps her aware of what the others know about her.

Sekhmet Lioness Goddess - Egyptian Mythology

In her Deity form, Sekhmet, she gains the power of the sand and, sometimes, fight with a was-sceptre.

The more time Elek-trode stays in her Deity Form the more Power and Speed stats she's gaining. She can have maximum stats in Power and Speed if she stays in her Deity (or Titan) form long enough but she will still be weak in Health

Fighting Style
Pop dance moves

At first, Elek-trode is a relatively weak fighter as her Human and Deity form don't have remarkable stats but her ability gives her a great advantage. Her fighting style borrows from pop star dance moves, chaining sensual moves emphasizing hip and abdominal movements but also frantic and rapid arm dances.

Wrath Moves

Priestesses appear. They pray and dance for Elek-trode. Elek-trode gains some life.


Elek-trode transforms herself in a wind of sand and appears near of the opponent for slashes him and throws him away. She, then, redoes it again two times with her last hit being the most brutal.