Darren lost his humanity, he is now reduced to a resentful creature that is forced to live in the misery of his condition. He is violent, can't be tamed and restless.

Darren was zealous member of the Eighth Seal. He believed the Eighth Seal would contribute to saving the earth and the humanity. Though, when Darren discovered the horror of the Wilting, he choose to expose them but was quickly taken by JiaJun who made brutal magical experiments on him. The rituals converted Darren into the first synthetic Heirs who never existed. Because of how unstable the experiment was, Darren is always in a transitional form between his human and Deity form.

Mamaragan God of Thunder - Australian Aboriginal mythology

When Darren is fully transformed, he gains stone axes fixed on his head, elbows and knees which gave him a more violent moveset. In his Deity form, Mamaragan, Darren invokes the power of lighting. He also gains more Speed to compensate his previous weakness.

Darren lasts longer in his Titan form.

Fighting Style

Darren begins with a transitional form between his former human form and his Deity form. He has incredible Power but low Speed. As a pankratiast, Darren has a variety of locking, chocking and throw techniques.

Wrath Moves

Darren intimidates his opponent by hissing and, then, strikes him with multiple fiery lighting spears.


Almudj, the Rainbow Serpent, flies over the fight and trigger heavy rains. During 20 seconds, all Darren's thunder attacks becomes and guard breaking and are more efficient in power and range. After the delay, he comes back to his "human" form.