Caleb is a kind young man, though rather naive, he often finds himself manipulated by Qingyun, whom he considered as a mother. He can appear at times violent, but only doing so out of love of his "mother". Because of his upbringing by Qingyun, he always acts professional and maintains well-bred social behaviors. He has respect for the abilities of his opponents, albeit not always agreeing with their methods, and maintains a sense of honor and a code of ethics when battling them.

Caleb was adopted by Qingyun and brings to Japan to be a subject to the Eighth Seal. Since his first year, he was trained to be determined, efficient and fast. He learns during all the children about the horror of mankind and what the Ancient God is right with the Wilting. Despite having a tender nature, once the combat starts he becomes a machine and no feeling can't change his mind.

Amaguq Wolf-god - Inuit mythology

As a wolf Deity, Caleb becomes a werewolf in his Deity form gaining claws and fangs, he's fast and powerful. As he invokes the power of ice and snow, he gains various moves related to the snow as he can use ice punch or throw blizzards.

Caleb can easily do powerful wall attacks and wall combos. His ability give him strong advantage when the fight is moved near of a wall. Caleb can jump on walls and tackles is opponent, his damage are also stronger during wall combos (when the opponent takes hit by being throw against a wall in the same time as being subject to a combo)

Fighting Style
Pencak Silat

Caleb is a balanced fighter despite his relatively low Health. As a practitioner of Silat, Caleb has a variety of joint manipulation and chained movements.

Wrath Moves

Caleb jumps on his opponent and savagely bites and scratches him, drawing blood.


The arena takes blue tones and the opponent exhales mist. Suddenly, Caleb pegs his claws in his opponent's heart and emerges with his soul, the opponent collapses before regaining his soul and emerges.