Amina is a gentle and caring woman. Despite being still young, she has strong ambitions and hope to, one day, have her part in the establishment of a better world.

Amina is a Heirs who choose to work as a nurse for the Primordial Program instead of being in the Operative Division. Helped by the Research Division of the Primordial Program, she wants to find the best treatments for the particularity of the Heirs, like helping them to control unstable powers or heal them when they are hit by other Heirs. She wants to find a scientific way through the surrealist world of the Deities.

Oya Goddess of the Tempest - Yoruba

In her Deity form, she invokes the power of the wind and is now armed with a machete and a flywhisk, her attacks increase surprisingly in range, compensating her first weakness, as each of her move are accompanied by a gust of wind.

When Amina is in Guard Mode, she summons a tornado around her which can hurt the opponent. Despite her low health, her ability helps her to make damage on his opponent even in guard mode, giving her efficient defensive strategy.

Fighting Style

Amina is a fighter good on speed but weakened by her low health and range. As a Caopeira practitioner she uses complex and acrobatic techniques with a large variety of kicks and spins.

Wrath Moves

Amina invokes an onslaught of rain and thunder which turns in nine electrified waterspout targeting the opponent.


Amina summons spirits of deads to capture her opponent before give him multiple hits.