Alec is the game main protagonist. Despite being a very aggressive, impulsive and short-tempered man, Alec has also heroic tendencies and is caring to stop any injustice. He has a playful way to fight but can quickly lose his temper.

Alec is a student who was informed one day that his mother, Sophia, worked with a secret intergovernmental organization: The Primordial Program before dying in a mysterious accident. Hard set on finding out the truth, he set off on a journey to seek out his mother’s whereabouts as well as those of Yamatoni, the sole survivor of the accident where his father lost his life. During this very journey, Alec found out that his mother had been captured by the Eighth Seal who wanted him, her son.

In his hostility towards the Eighth Seal, he accepted to Zoya to join the Primordial Program.

Apollo God of the Sun - Greek Mythology

In his Deity form, Apollo, Alec invokes the power of the sun, his deity attacks are mostly punch with incandescent fist. He gains Power and Speed making him more offensive.

Helios Titan of the Sun - Greek Mythology

In his Alternative from, Helios, Alec keeps the power of the sun but he is, for some moves, equipped of a flame whip which helps him to gain in range.
► Alec transforms himself in Helios when he's using the Titan transformation.

Alec still make (minimal) damage when his hits are blocked. With this offensive ability, Alec can be tricky to defend against.

Fighting Style

Alec is a balanced fighter. As a Kick-boxer, he uses simple and fast techniques with a large variety of punches, kicks and knee kicks.

Wrath Moves

Alec charmed his opponent with an incandescent stares, he then catch him by the throat and repeatedly smashes the opponent in his face before a last solar punch.

ARTEMIS' DUSK only as Apollo

Alec invokes the Moon goddess Artemis who pieces with a lunar arrow the opponent.

CHARIOT OF THE DAWN only as Helios

Alec embarks in a chariot conducted by two fire horses, runs at his opponent, catches him with his fire whip, flies with the chariot before throws the opponent on the ground and finally tramples him.